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The Problem

Aging fire hydrants pose significant challenges due to deterioration and decreased functionality over time. Rust, corrosion, and general wear and tear can compromise their structural integrity, making them more prone to leaks or failures during emergencies. Additionally, outdated components and inadequate maintenance practices can further contribute to reduced water flow and pressure, hindering firefighting operations.

The Solution

Spartan Fire Hydrants are a modern and innovative solution to address the shortcomings of conventional hydrants. With their robust construction and advanced features, the reliable Spartan Fire Hydrants improve public safety, water security, and cost-efficiencies in each and every community.

Sigelock’s Spartan Hydrant is the first significant new hydrant design in more than a century. It is tamper-proof and leakproof. The water flow is increased over conventional hydrants and needs minimal maintenance.

By The Numbers

Spartan boasts advanced functional features compared to its competitors.

Seconds to Open

Opens in 5 seconds with the all-in-one wrench, allowing only authorized personnel can gain access to water.

Gallons Per Minute

Over 1,200 gallons per minute, while conventional hydrants were under 920 gallons per minute (over 30% improved water flow).

Years Guaranteed

Sigelock Systems, LLC warrants the Spartan Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

Patents Issued

Spartan Fire Hydrant has had a total of 11 patents issued since its inception with over 80% of them valid through 2030.


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Customer Feedback

Here’s what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience working with us.

“I am pleased to say that the Spartan hydrant has consistently performed as expected in both fair and severely freezing and inclement weather. There have been no signs of advanced degradation or mechanical wear. The hydrant is exceptionally well built owing to choice of highly resilient materials and the uniquely secure design.”

Jake S

“Since 2010, the city has installed Spartan hydrants in our system. They have functioned properly with no problems. The city has been impressed by the modern design and smooth operation of these hydrants. We heartily recommend this hydrant to anyone in need of new or replacement fire hydrants.”

William G.

The operation of the fire hydrant is exceptionally smooth. The volunteer fire department likes the idea for the locking nut is inside out of the weather. Being in south central PA this has been a cold winter with moderate sleet, snow and freezing rain. Neither the operating nut nor the caps are frozen in place as they have experienced in the past.

Duane H

“Since installing the Sigelock Spartan hydrant in 2011, its performance has far exceeded my expectations. In 6 years, the hydrants have endured the harsh conditions of super storm Sandy and four extreme winters; never once seizing, rusting or freezing which often occurred with older style hydrants. The Spartan hydrant has operated flawlessly in safeguarding the public and has also presented a cost savings to taxpayers.”

Christopher W.

“We completed an exhaustive review of this hydrant along with our fire department and decided that the many improvements in design were of value to us all. These along with the modern styling and built in security solutions resulted in our decision to standardize on the Sigelock for all future installations.”

Michael L.

SUEZ Water Rolls Out Innovative Sigelock Spartan Fire Hydrants in New Rochelle

SUEZ Water Rolls Out Innovative Sigelock Spartan Fire Hydrants in New Rochelle

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Residents throughout New Rochelle are expressing a mix of puzzlement and bemusement about futuristic-looking devices that have begun to replace traditional fire hydrants in their neighborhoods.

SUEZ Water Rolls Out Innovative Sigelock Spartan Fire Hydrants in New Rochelle

Finally, a Fire Hydrant for the 21st Century

THE VERGE — Learn about the challenges faced by firefighters in New York City due to the decay and disrepair of traditional fire hydrants. Retired firefighter George Sigelakis developed the Sigelock Spartan, a redesigned hydrant made of durable materials and equipped with features to prevent tampering and damage, offering a solution to the city’s hydrant problems.

SUEZ Water Rolls Out Innovative Sigelock Spartan Fire Hydrants in New Rochelle

What is That Thing? The Minions on the Roadside

HUDSON VALLEY, NYWhile no one has yet managed to build a better mousetrap, this New York-based company founded by a retired NYFD firefighter has reinvented the fire hydrant.

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