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Sigelock Overview

Sigelock Systems is leading the way in groundbreaking technology for the world’s firefighting and water distribution communities with the Spartan Fire Hydrant.

The Spartan Fire Hydrant is the best value fire hydrant to improve public safety, water security, and cost-efficiencies in each and every community.

Revolutionary design, high-quality materials, and precision manufacturing provides unequaled security, durability, reliability, performance and cost savings.

Our Vision

 George Sigelakis’ on-the-job experience as a firefighter made him keenly aware of the risks of an aging water infrastructure and specifically the leak-prone and poorly functioning fire hydrants that still employ antiquated designs and technology from over 100 years ago. George was determined to build a better fire hydrant. He formed a small entrepreneurial team of investors and partners, and after almost a decade of design, development, testing and refinement, Sigelock Systems, LLC is now sole manufacturer of the world’s first significantly new fire hydrant in over a century; The Sigelock SPARTAN – The New Standard in Fire Safety.

Environmental & Social Impact

The Spartan hydrant was invented with the primary objective of saving lives.


Increase in Water Flow

Water Flow

Spartan Fire Hydrants have a water flow of 1,200 Gallons per minute, in comparison to conventional hydrants which have a water flow of 900 gallons per minute. This drastic 30% increase in water flow is critical during fire emergencies to extinguish the fire quickly, save valuable human lives, and reduce property damage.


Public Systems Water Loss

Non-Revenue Water Loss

EPA indicates that public water systems experience non-revenue water loss rates on an average of about 16%. This is predominantly due to leaks, tampering, and aging infrastructure of the system. Sigelock’s tamper-proof & leak-proof fire hydrant design eliminates non-revenue water losses arising from hydrants to a large extent, thereby significantly preventing wastage, as well as reducing costs for water authorities.

Civilian Deaths

Total Fire Incidents

Property Damage Value

Fire Loss

Faulty fire hydrants can significantly increase the potential for fire loss due to their inability to provide an adequate water supply during emergencies. These hydrants may suffer from issues such as low water pressure, leaks, or malfunctions, which can hinder firefighting efforts and delay the extinguishment of flames, leading to greater property damage and increased risk to human lives. Ensuring the proper functionality and maintenance of fire hydrants is crucial to minimizing fire loss and protecting communities.


George Sigelakis, a retired 15-year veteran New York City firefighter. His vision and passion were to create the best fire hydrant possible to keep firefighters and communities safer. The result is the Spartan model hydrant: the first new design of a fire hydrant in over a century.

A truly revolutionary and groundbreaking technology that provides superior value to communities who want a more cost-effective solution that improves fire safety, water security, water savings.  The SPARTAN hydrant models are not just incrementally better than traditional competitor hydrants, they are revolutionary products; modern in design, materials, and performance. They have been developed to solve today’s real-world problems.

By establishing new standards of fire hydrant performance with patented design and technology that competitors cannot match, the SPARTAN is targeted to become the preferred specification of thoughtful waterworks engineers. The SPARTAN presents a true first-mover advantage for Sigelock Systems; a significant opportunity to secure market leadership by forever changing industry expectations for what a fire hydrant should be. The SPARTAN 300 fire hydrant has no equal!

The first SPARTAN installation in a water distribution system occurred in 2009 as a pilot demonstration. Since then, SPARTAN hydrants are popping up in communities across the country, in more than a dozen U.S. States, and also in Canada. Delivering as promised, more and more communities are seeing the full value of investing in Sigelock SPARTAN hydrants.

Integral, patented security features protect water infrastructure against threats from vandalism, malicious tampering and terrorist threats, and the skyrocketing cost of chronic leaks and widespread theft.  The SPARTAN is designed to be ready and functioning when a hydrant is needed most; during a fire.  The SPARTAN 300 High Security model is the only fire hydrant to achieve the new UL246B certification from tamper prevention and durability under the most extreme conditions. It’s a marvel of ingenuity and a formidable defender against any threat.

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