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It is our goal for you to make an informed decision about incorporating the use of the Spartan Fire Hydrant in your community. Please reach out to us to schedule some time to get all of your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the answers below are based on general information about the Sigelock Spartan Fire Hydrant. For specific technical details and up-to-date information, please fill out the form above to schedule some time with our team.

Does the Spartan 300 require any special tool in order to open and operate the hydrant?

The Spartan 300 can only be accessed and opened with the proprietary Spartan all in one wrench, preventing all unauthorized access. The all in one wrench can also open up any other brand of hydrant you may have in your system.

What type of nozzle threads does the Spartan 300 have?

The Spartan 300 4 ½” pumper and 2 ½” hose nozzles come standard in the U.S. with NST threads. The Spartan 300 can also be configured with a Storz pumper nozzle and cap requiring no special adapter to access.

Does the Spartan 300 require any special fittings during installation?

The Spartan 300 comes with a 6” mechanical joint and requires no special fittings for installation.

Are there Ext Kits that can be ordered if necessary?

Yes, the Spartan 300 can be fitted with Ext Kits in 6” increments ( 6”, 12”, 18” 24” etc.)

What Spartan 300 parts are recommended to keep in stock?

With a 25 year warranty on all parts and workmanship, stocking parts is unnecessary. The only parts we recommend a utility to have on hand are traffic repair kits in case of a vehicular impact incident.
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