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Cost Analysis Report

Get a FREE Cost Analysis Report customized for your community! Find out what you could be saving with SPARTAN hydrants.

Guides and Documents

Benefit from the convenience of downloading resource documents about Spartan Fire Hydrants. Whether it’s product manuals, technical specifications, or instructional guides, you can effortlessly obtain the necessary resources to enhance your experience with Spartan products.


Maintenance and Operations Guide

Everything related to the operation and maintenance of a Sigelock Spartan Fire Hydrant.


Specifications Change Submittal

This document includes information on the reason for change, features and benefits provided, specification text, and specification diagrams,


Spartan Fire Hydrant Warranty

Read the full description of the 25-year warranty on Sigelock’s Spartan Fire Hydrant.


Features and Benefits Cut Sheet

View all of the parts and components of the Spartan Fire Hydrant in this cross-section diagram.


Spartan Fire Hydrant Brochure

How do you minimize maintenance and repair costs while improving reliability and safety? Introducing The Spartan Hydrant.

Video Library

Enjoy this collection of videos encompassing an overview of Spartan Fire Hydrant functionality, real-world use, and what makes it a clear improvement to a 100-year-old design. 

Tobago’s First Spartan 300 Fire Hydrant

The very first Spartan 300 to leave North America. Many thanks to Tobago and Trinidad & Tobago for making this advancement in fire protection. Another big thank you to Stephen Harris from SecureGroupTT for making this all possible!

Creating Safer Communities with the New Spartan Hydrant

Watch a group of community leaders, firefighters, and engineers come together to discuss the importance of collaboration in creating resilient and safe neighborhoods. Through compelling interviews and real-life examples, the video highlights the transformative impact of teamwork, shared knowledge, and effective communication in addressing fire safety challenges.

Spartan Hydrant Cost Savings Versus a Conventional Hydrant

Learn from Jeff Trezza, former head of water distribution for Suez New York, as he shares his process on the due diligence that occurred before deciding to implement Spartan Fire Hydrants. 

Spartan Fire Hydrant Closes Without Water Hammer

Watch how the tri-arm design is more stable than a conventional two-arm design. The tri-arm does not allow any rocking or chatter upon closing. The valve design coupled with the smooth operating acme thread eliminates slap closing and stops water hammer.

ROI Breakeven Calculator

Discover your cost savings over the next 10 to 25 years when you adopt the Spartan Fire Hydrant.

Water Infrastructure News

Learn what’s being talked about and reported on regarding water infrastructure. Updated daily!

Line Main Line Hydrant Authority Waterworks Guam
- A Guam Waterworks Authority employee repairs a main line in Tumon on April 12, 2024. A fire hydrant in Tumon is drained of water as Guam Waterworks Authority personnel fix a main line on April 12, 2024. A Guam Waterworks Authority employee repairs a main line in Tumon on April 12, 2024. A fire hydrant that was seen spewing out water in Tumon on Friday afternoon was being used by Guam Waterworks Authority personnel to drain a main line. Christopher Budasi, assistant general manager of ... [Read More]


Water Residents Flushing Hydrant Nj Patch Department
- The town water department begins its annual hydrant inspection and flushing program on April 14, and it is expected to run until May 25. PARSIPPANY, NJ — While township water crews are inspecting and flushing Parsippany water hydrants over the next month or so, residents could see discolored water or notice a pressure drop. The town water department begins its annual hydrant inspection and flushing program on April 14, and it is expected to run until May 25. This involves opening the ... [Read More]


Hydrant Fire San Luis Obispo Police Department Semi Truck Fire Hydrant California Boulevard
- A semi truck crashed into a fire hydrant in San Luis Obispo on Thursday afternoon, sending a plume of water spraying several feet into the air. At about 1 p.m., a semi truck struck a fire hydrant outside of a laundromat on California Boulevard near Cal Poly, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department . The driver was not injured, but the crash did damage the fire hydrant. A photo of the incident showed water spewing out of the fire hydrant several feet into the air — producing a ... [Read More]

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