The Spartan 300

Saving Water. Saving Costs. Saving Lives.

Old Hydrant Design Problems

Civilians, water authorities, and fire departments worldwide encounter a multitude of pressing challenges. For civilians, these include the tragic loss of lives, extensive property damage, and injuries resulting from fires. Water and fire authorities grapple with concerns such as ensuring personnel safety, maintaining water supply security, managing shrinking operating budgets, addressing ongoing maintenance needs, and tackling reliability issues within their systems.

Innovative New Fire Hydrant Design

Sigelock’s Spartan Hydrant is the first significant new hydrant design in more than a century.

  • The well-thought-out structure of the Spartan Hydrant makes it virtually tamper-proof.
  • Sigelock’s Spartan is virtually leakproof owing to its structural integrity and materials used.
  • The use-case-based ergonomic design of the hydrant increases the water flow which is essential during fire emergencies.
  • The Spartan hydrant is built in a way that reduces the need for frequent maintenance which results in reduced costs, improves operational function and ensures proper reaction time to emergency events, thereby saving lives.
  • Spartan’s patented design and opening wrench allow access by authorized personnel only.

Value Proposition

Sigelock’s Spartan hydrant adds value to its customers in a number of ways.

Water Utilities

Long-term savings due to lower replacement Costs.

Eliminates water leakage helping achieve ESG goals.

Parts have a 25-year warranty.

Lower capital expense in stocking spare part inventory.


Life Saving – No price is too great to ensure the lives and property of the public are protected.

Spartan is extremely reliable during emergencies, where most conventional hydrants fail.

Spartan’s Innovative design improves the streetscape and adds to the aesthetics. 

Extremely secure as it allows only authorized personnel access.

Lower ISO ratings.

Fire Departments

Saves lives and ensures protection of property. 

Extremely reliable during fire emergencies.

Green Technology – lowers leakage and in-turn chance of freezing hydrant.

Speed & Security – Allows authorized personnel to open the hydrant in 5 seconds with an all-in-one wrench.

Increased water flow and pressure to extinguish a fire.

Reliability due to anti-corrosive parts and materials.

Insurance Agencies

Lower claims due to personal and property injuries owing to Spartan’s unique design.

ISO rating potential for improved insurance rates.

Safer design leading to minimized damage to vehicles when struck.

Increased water flow results in limiting excessive property damage during fires.

Feature Comparison

Spartan boasts advanced functional features compared to its competitors.

  • Tamper proof
  • Meets AWWA C502 Standard
  • Leakproof
  • UL listed
  • Increased water flow
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Security

Cost Comparison

  • The design, materials, and processes used in the manufacture of the Spartan fire hydrant make it a better value than conventional competition.
  • The superior design and materials contribute to greater cost savings and cost avoidance.
  • Over the standard asset life expectancy, a Spartan fire hydrant costs 400% less to own than a competitor’s conventional fire hydrant.
  • The savings created by owning a Spartan are realized in less than 2 years. 
  • A conventional hydrant remains an ever-increasing cost burden over the life of the asset whereas the Spartan fire hydrant produces added value and cost savings over time.


25 Year Warranty

The Spartan Fire Hydrant is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for an unprecedented twenty-five years.

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